It's awesome!

     This is my plug for Blender page. Basically all of my 3D models are made with Blender and since it's freeware I thought it would be nice to give them some credit. 


     If you are an artist, interested in CGI but don't have a lot of money or none, Blender is a nice program to use. Blender is an opensource 3D software that you can do a lot things with. It was created originally for animations and over the years has picked up more and more features. Right now you can use it to build 3D models, animate them, make your own video games, combine CG elements with real video and it even does rigid body simulations.


     If you are interested in learning how do do any of this you can click the link at the bottom which takes you to where you can download it free.  And if your interested in learning Blender, their are lots of You Tube's tutorials out there inclueding my super boaring tutorials. As well as you can feel free to ask me anything as too

For the newest version of blender click here >>>